Oct 31 2013

Dancing to a different tune

For as long as I can remember I have dreamed of traveling. For the past 10 years I have been able to travel more and more. In 2011 I made the decision to follow that dream totally. I sold my home in Missoula, MT where I’d lived for 40 years, and set out to travel full time. Of course, the decision to be mobile has affected my animal communication business. The wonderful part of working with the animals telepathically is that I do not need to be near the animals to work effectively with them. The inconvenient part of traveling so much and loving back-country woods, deserts, and oceans is that often I am not in range of cell phones and internet connections. At first I attempted to keep the animal business going. But it has become too difficult.

In the past two years I have had the fabulous luck to enter the Volunteers in Parks program in the national park system. For two winters in the Everglades and this past summer at the Grand Canyon I have been an interpretive ranger. These fun and rewarding jobs keep me studying, learning, writing programs, memorizing them, and delivering talks and walks. With all of that intense left-brain activity, it has become more and more difficult to switch into the more intuitive mode I use as an animal communicator.

Therefore, I have ended my business of animal communication. There are some wonderful communicators, more and more each year, who can carry on this good work. You can find a list of working communicators at Penelope Smith’s website, www.animaltalk.net. Thank you for your interest in animal communication and for checking out Bear Dancing Dialogues. This bear is now dancing in the national parks.

All the best to you and your furry friends. And don’t forget to visit the national parks to find the places that can renew your soul.

Sep 20 2010

Retreated and Refreshed

I’m back to doing animal communication work after taking a break for a few months.    Travel and adventures have been fun, and I feel re-inspired to be helping folks and their furry friends live the best lives they can together.   My work includes doing individual sessions with pets as well as presenting workshops that will teach students the techniques of telepathic animal communication.  I’ll update this site as I gather more heartwarming experiences doing the communication work again puttatube.com.  Thanks for checking out this site.

Jan 31 2010

Taking a Sabbatical

January 31, 2010

Hi, Animal Lover,

Thank you for visiting this web site.  From February 3rd until August 1st, 2010, I will not be working as an animal communicator.  I am entering a retreat program for six months and my focus will be on my work at the retreat center.  You can connect with other communicators during this time by going to animaltalk.net, the web site of Penelope Smith.  There you will find a list of communicators who can help you.

While I love working as an animal communicator, I look forward to this sabbatical as a time to reconnect to a deep spiritual practice and to reassess where this work is taking me. It has been an honor for the past nine years to work with so many wonderful animals and humans.  The magic of this work is inspiring and humbling.  I am excited to see how this time off changes my work in the future.

Dec 16 2009

Travels Continue

Dec. 16, 2009

I just returned from a trip to Guatemala to visit a friend who is living on beautiful Lake Atitlan for a year.  I had the opportunity to offer a two-hour presentation to the international expatriot community there.  Twelve joined in the lively discussion about animal communication.  From skeptics to believers, we all agreed that the important piece is to keep an open mind and a respect for the animals.  Donations for the event went to Ayuda, an organization that spays, neuters and feeds the many hungry dogs in the area.  Read about their good work at http://ayudagt.wordpress.com/.

My travels in the RV van this winter are shaping up quite differently from all the teaching I was able to do last year.  At the moment I am in Texas with family.  February first,  I begin a six-month work/study program at a Buddhist retreat center in California.  I will be working in the offices of Dharma Publishing, living in the community, and taking classes.  By necessity, my work with the animals will be put on sabbatical from February through July.  I trust that this time away from the telepathic work spent deepening my meditation practice will lead to new avenues.  Of course, I have no idea what those avenues might be.   I’ll keep you posted.

In the mean time, Sneakers, the stray Schnauzer I befriended last year, found a new and perfect home.  She is living with an energetic and loving extended family in Flagstaff, AZ.  Instead of having just me to play with, she now has a 9-year-old boy, a 20-something newly married young couple who love her, a mom who jogs, a dad who has a great lap to sit on, an aunt who has three dogs to play with, and a gramma who loves Schnauzers and can’t wait to dogsit.  This wonderful family took care of Sneakers while I was in the Grand Canyon last year.  They fell in love with her, and she with  them.   The family knew I was looking for a more active home for this fun and playful pup.  Seeing her play with my friends dogs in San Diego last winter, I knew I could find her a home that would suit her active personality better than my quiet life.  While they dogsat for me, the family voted unanimously to adopt her.  After my float trip I went to find out whether she wanted to stay with them or continue her travels with me.   I could see how secure she felt in their home, and I could see how much they all loved her.  The family and I decided that she really would have a much more fun life with them.  As I put my hand on the door knob to leave, I looked at her as she watched me.  I said, “This is it, Buddy.  It’s your turn to vote, Sneakers.  Do you want to come with me or do you want to stay here.”  Without taking her eyes off of me she sat down, casting her vote for an active and fun household.  I knelt down and gave her a hug.  “I think you made the right choice, my little friend.  Have a wonderful life.”

I stopped in to see her last month as I drove south.  But, she was out on a seven-mile hike with the aunt and three other dogs.  Life is good!

Jun 5 2009

Wild Encounters

As many of my Animal Communication classes canceled for late spring, I headed back west  toward home.  Outside of Pagosa Springs, CO, Sneakers and I were camped on Forest Service land  enjoying the solitude and being back in the Rockies.    We took a long walk in the woods that evening.  In the morning I was sitting in the sun editing a manuscript.  Sneakers was amusing herself about 30 feet away.  I looked up when she gave a little bark.  She was trotting back to me, ears back, with a beautiful coyote following her about 6 feet behind.  A calm and collected animal communicator, I screamed my lungs out.  The coyote ran, as did a second one closing in from the right.  When Sneakers  realized they had turned, she began barking at them and giving chase for a few yards.  I called her back, still screaming in panic mode.  She was pretty oblivious, although my heart was pounding!  We spend the rest of the morning working in the van with the doors closed.

Doesn’t it seem that coyotes are everywhere and getting more and more bold?  Since this happened, I’ve heard numerous stories of coyotes taking small dogs in the back country as well as in back yards.  Makes me more vigilant.

I will be out of computer range until June 22 as I get to fulfill a longtime dream of floating the Grand Canyon.   Sneakers is getting her own vacation with a wonderful family, friends of a friend, who are going to dog sit for me.

If you are having an animal emergency you’ll find a list of communicators at www.penelopesmith.com.

Happy Solstice,


Apr 23 2009

Flowing with the Shifts

Oh, my goodness, it is very clear to me that I am not driving this bus.  My well-laid-out plans for this trip are shifting like the dunes in Death Valley National Park.   Classes are canceling as folks feel the very real pinch of this economic correction.   And, at the same time, other opportunities are arising daily.  I’m enjoying the ride.

I spoke in Dallas, TX, last night to a metaphysical Meetup group.  We had a fun evening together of talking about the nuts and bolts, as well as the wonders, of animal communication and psychism.  Just that morning I found out that my teaching gigs in Florida and in Vermont have been canceled.   Numerous folks approached me after last night’s talk offering names and places in the Dallas area with which to network.  And by this afternoon, it looks like I will return here in the fall to teach.

This trip has been an experiment to see if I can manifest my dream of living on the road teaching as I go.  I feel that I almost have it right;  I’m getting close.  Just a bit more experience needed in marketing myself.  That, coupled with the tenacity to hang on during these wild ups and downs, will see me through.

My two weeks in San Diego with the Riggin family were so much fun. We spent four days in the desert camping together before we rolled on to their home in San Diego.  Pam and Stan, along with their adult kids Jennifer and James and daughter-in-law Candice, were wonderful to me.  Great food, wonderful sightseeing, fun family times.  I feel part of their close family.  And their dogs…my Sneakers loved joining their pack of 5 for two weeks of romping in the desert, in the house, in the back yard, at the beach.   From the shephard-sized mix to the chihuahua, they all played well with us.  Such fun.  And we found during the San Diego class and after that there does seem to be a good bit of psychic ability running through the family genes.  Heart-felt thanks, Stan and Pam, for all you did for me.  Sneakers really misses the pack.

Once I finish networking in Dallas in early May, I will roll back to the St. George-Zion-Kanab area of Southern Utah.  The red rocks and the Grand Canyon are calling.  Back in my 20s and 30s when my back issues prevented me from walking much, my greatest sadness was that I never would make it through the Grand Canyon.  Well, I am inspired.  This is the summer.  Already I have experienced deep insights and a bit of magic in Zion Canyon.  Can’t wait to see what magic I experience on the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon later this summer.

Mar 22 2009

Happy Spring!


Such an amazing winter it was.  Am looking forward to the opportunities of Spring.  Friends and I are waiting out a dust storm in the desert east of San Diego today before we head into San Diego where I’ll give a public lecture Friday and a class in Animal Communication Saturday and Sunday.

Had a wonderful week in Kanab, Utah, before coming here. Twenty five attended the public lecture and 7 wonderful and intuitively talented women were in the weekend class.  And I had one of the amazing experiences that keeps me working to find lost animals.

A woman called Saturday  saying her cat escaped from the house sitter 7 days ago.  At 8:45 that night I talked to the young cat who seemed parallyzed with fright.  I encouraged him to gather all his courage and come home during the night’s bright moonlight.  I felt that he was southwest of the woman’s home.  By the Mapquest map, there was not much town southwest of her home, only a block.  But I called the woman and told her what I got.

An hour later my phone rang.  The woman shouted, “I found him!”  She had gotten off work at 9, driven right to the block where I thought the cat was, a place she had looked numerous times, of course.  As she got out of her truck she heard a husky, strange meowing.  Her cat was walking toward her before she even called him.  This is a communicator’s dream and surely a touch of the indescribable power of our usually untapped intuitive ability.  How can it work?  I did nothing but talk to the cat in my head from my hotel room.  I continue to be humbled and amazed and happy.

Thank you to all the wonderful folks I met in Kanab.  Your friendship and encouragement nurture my soul.  I hope to return soon.  Thanks also to the two men in Death Valley who shared with me their own intuitive experiences and encouraged my work.  Traveling gives us opportunities to meet guides on the path when we need them most.  Onward to San Diego, then to Dallas in mid-April.  Lots of desert to explore and friends to see in between.

Barks and Wags,


Mar 6 2009

On the Road

March 6, 2009

March in the desert is delightful.  The warm, even hot, days are so easy compared to ice/snow/grey days up north.   Sneakers and I spent last night on the Colorado River when everyone starts their float trip through the Grand Canyon.  It was wonderful to get out of Phoenix and be at home in the outback again.

Tonight I look forward to a public lecture in Kanab, UT.  An area full of animal lovers, it should be a fun evening.  Over the weekend I’ll teach another class on how to become an animal communicator for your own animals and for others.

From here I have a few weeks to find solitude in the desert “with a million stars all around.”  Then it is on to San Diego for another class.  Working on the road is quite different from just vacationing on the road in an RV.  But it is going well.  Meeting more wonderful folks along the way–but that’s for the next book…

Feb 7 2009

February 7, 2009

Bear Dancing is about to hit the road.  I am busy packing my RV for a teaching tour that will take me from coast to coast in the next 5 months.  last week Sneakers and I were given a special afternoon  of training instruction from Jewel Willis of Hamilton, MT. (fia@montana.com) Animal communication is not a substitute for good training.  Not having trained a puppy for 30 years, I had no idea how to train Sneakers with the new gentle, positive reinforcement methods.  We had a ball!  Jewel taught us a lot and Sneakers loved being asked to use her intelligence to understand what we wanted.  It was truly a win-win situation.  I am looking forward to continuing to work with my new little buddy to  have a traveling companion who is safe in all situations, dependable,  and well behaved.  Thanks, Jewel.

Just finished today part one of a two-part class in Deer Lodge, MT.  16 students from 8 years old to well-beyond-that participated with some very good results.  Quote of the weekend was from Sarah who answered the question, “Do you have any intuitive abilities that you are aware of?”  “I don’t know,” she replied,  “but I think of chocolate, and then I’m eating it.”

Eight-year-old Bailey made all us older folks smile when she very confidently gave lots of correct verifiable answers about the animal she worked with.  Her mom also did well.  Always wonderful to see parents who support, rather than suppress, a child’s intuitive abilities.  10-year-old  Shea also is doing well and  showing us that there is no age limit to doing this work.  Thanks to Powell County Adult Ed for hosting this class and to Kayo Fraser for organizing it all.

On to packing.  A dream come true for me.  Have wanted to live on the road in an old hippy van since I was 20.  Now I have a very comfortable van that is a delight to live in.  I hope that Sneakers likes life on the road until we return home to Missoula in July.

Jan 26 2009

What’s Your Question?

January 26, 2009

Curious about animal communication? What one question would you like to ask me about animal communication? Check back for the answer.

I love this work and am passionate about helping others to learn to use their own telepathic abilities.  I think it would be great fun to dialogue here in a question and answer format about the possibilities of animal communication, techniques, how it works, etc.   So, type your questions in the comment box below (start by clicking the no comments or # comments link), and I’ll do my best to answer them.

Barks and Wags,